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dealing with painDealing with pain can range from mildly irritating to full-blown horrifying. Certain types of pain can be so excruciating that you simply cannot enjoy life because of the constant, severe pain. Across the globe, more than 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain, but it’s up to you to address your pain issues — no matter how minor or severe — by any means necessary.

If you’re struggling as you’re dealing with pain, it might be time to try something a little different. Here are some things you should try in order to help alleviate any chronic joint or nerve pain you might have.

  • Healthy breathing exercises — Certain types of intense pain can become even more so when you aren’t relaxed. If you’re constantly fidgeting and thinking about the pain you’re experiencing, unfortunately the pain will remain and likely intensify. If you can control your breathing, however, you can actually train your body to relax, subsequently easing and potentially ignoring any pain. You can’t cure your pain with deep breathing the first time you try it; however, you can train yourself and build these skills over time. Start breathing slower and deeper — whether you’re currently experiencing pain or not. Rather than trying to ignore any thoughts that come into your brain, mindfully acknowledge them and then continue to focus on your breathing exercise.

  • Stretch as much as you can — Like breathing, stretching can actually relax your body as well. Not only will you feel more at peace and calmer after stretching for a while each day, but in time your body will be able to handle much more movement. Start stretching each morning and periodically throughout the day so you can strengthen your body, which can in turn alleviate some forms of pain.

  • Seek professional assistance — Although certain breathing exercises and stretches can work great for pain alleviation, your best bet is to work with a medical professional. If you are really suffering and want help dealing with pain, you needto contact your doctor or a physical therapist to get professional help.

If you’re still suffering from intense pain and want to learn more about various joint pain treatments that can help, contact your primary care physician or a local pain specialist about your treatment options — and good luck!

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