Suffering From Sciatic Nerve Pain? Consider These Natural Remedies

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sciatica nerve painSciatic nerve pain, also known as sciatica nerve pain, can be one of the most painful conditions to live with. The large sciatic nerve is formed from five nerve roots in the lower back.

When one of these nerves becomes pinched in the lower spinal area, it can cause intense pain. This pain often runs from the lower back and down one of the patient’s legs. Those who experience this repetitive, throbbing pain have said it’s borderline intolerable.

Fortunately, there are ways you can help treat sciatica nerve pain. While these home remedies may not be a viable replacement for visiting a spinal surgery center, consider the following natural treatments for sciatica pain relief in the meantime:

  1. Massage therapy
    ¬†Massage therapy is often used in doctor’s offices because it can help reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation. When blood is properly circulating in the area, it allows lymph fluid to make its way to any injuries and improve healing.

  3. Heat therapy
    Heat therapy, such as the use of heating pads can help to reduce inflammation in the lower back and therefore reduce sciatica nerve pain. Place a heat pack on the area for 15 to 20 minutes at a time for temporary pain relief.

  5. Yoga
    Yoga can be incredibly beneficial for many people including those suffering from sciatica nerve pain. This is because certain yoga positions can help to reduce inflammation and can improve posture thereby reducing pressure on the sciatic nerve.

  7. Lifestyle changes
    Certain activities can cause an increased amount of inflammation in the lower back. Poor diet, smoking, and poor posture can have a surprising impact on the inflammation around your sciatic nerve.

Natural remedies such as physical therapy and yoga can sometimes help with joint pain and lower back pain. However, sometimes surgery may be your best option for sciatica pain relief. For more information on sciatica nerve treatment and how to reduce your lower back pain, contact i-Spine Institute today for a consultation.

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